Monday, December 14, 2015

Do the bleak winter months drop you into a depression?

Welcome readers!!!!...If you have noticed difficulty in waking up in the morning,nausea,tendency to oversleep or overeat?.Or lack of energy ,difficulty concentrating on or completing the task?And or withdrawal from friends or feeling of hopelessness.?And all this is happening when winters are around for last two years or more?If answer to these questions is ‘yes’ then it’s time to consult your psychologist,may be you are heading towards Seasonal Affective disorder.In it’s beginning stage,it’s not severe,but if ignored,it may get worsen with transforming itself in major depression disorder(MDD).Here are some solutions provided to you as per Ayurveda,a science that told everything about life style ,be it a day to day schedule or activities as per seasonal variations.

7 ways to avoid SAD naturally

1 Do a lot of physical exercise,like brisk walking.
2 Suryanamaskar is strongly recommended as the best physical exercise.
3 Take a lot of time out in direct sunlight at least one hour a day.
4 Avoid day sleeping .
5 Eat healthy and balanced diet.
6 In case of nonavailability of sunlight,Atap Sevani.e.sitting in front of artificial fire with spine facing.
7 Take out time for positive self talk,Replace negative arbitrary thoughts with positive and motivating ones. You may  even share with like minded people.

Happy Ayurveda!