Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Believe in Ayurveda Believe in Group therapy for ADHDs

A child with high levels of activity and low threshold for frustration tolerance ,and

additionally if the child is disruptive, he/she must be psychologically tested for diagnosis

of ADHD. It is becoming popular due to ‘N’  number of causes in developing countries.

Ayurveda plays an important role in curing it. First with the help of personality testing

with ancient Indian psychology principles,the basal mental constitution of the child is

assessed. At second step with the help of Mental status examination, the severity of the

problem is judged. After complete assessment of the child, a session with the parents may

reveal background information about the external causes behind this state of the

child. Once the diagnosis is established with the help of the ayurveda and also according

to ICD 10 guidelines suggested by a registered psychiatrist, plan for the treatment is

selected from Panchkarma therapy. While the child gets these procedures

individually, his/her behavioral issues are dealt in groups of  4-5 kids, with the relatively

similar problems. The age factor is also considered. It is assured that the children of the

same age group are put into one group. Consistent touch with the parents and their

counselling on parent management techniques along with other issues (if necessary),

result into amelioration of the situation.