Monday, June 11, 2018

Sukh Ayurveda Parkinsonism Testimonial

Case study of Parkinsonism

A 70 year old male Parkinsonism patient came with complaints of difficulty in initiating movement/stiffness/rigidity after reduction of allopathic medications due to side effects like hallucinations. No h/o tremors. Bradykinesia rt>lt. Patient gives history of freezing of rt lower limb at rest, difficulty to stand, difficulty in walking in the form of difficulty in initiation and once he starts walking he stoops forwards with small &fast steps.However,he freezes during turning and has tendency to fall forward and backward. there is decreased swinging of hands, sleeplessness, difficulty in turning in bed. Dysphonia(soft,low pitched speech), masked face

We treated him with ayurvedic medicines along with detox panchkarma therapies-Abhyangam, shirodhara, Basti, Nasyam. Results are very encouraging as not only the long term side effects of allopathic drugs went off but there is a marked improvement in  walking, turning, sleeping. there is no freezing and pitch of voice has now become audible and he smiles

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